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Two pink lines are forever etched in your mind.those two pink lines that mean you are pregnant. Now what?

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An unplanned pregnancy can create a variety of emotions, such as fear, anxiety, joy and sorrow. It all seems so surreal. "Me, pregnant.?" As the circumstances overwhelm you, making even the slightest decision can seem impossible.

At Precious Life you will meet with a caring counselor who will listen to your concerns, share your options and help you through the decision making process. Our trained staff is available to offer support and information regarding abortion, adoption, and parenting.


After your free pregnancy test, your counselor will discuss the common abortion procedures and which types of abortions are performed at the stages of pregnancy. You will also find out about the risks of abortion. Our open door policy will allow you a safe place to return should you need help after your abortion.


Our counselors can also provide you with information and answer your questions about the choice of adoption. We provide referrals to adoption agencies if you are considering this option.


At the Precious Life office, we offer free ongoing counseling to those deciding to parent. Assistance is available for baby needs such as cribs, clothing and diapers. Housing is also available if eligible.