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Purity Presenter Program

Precious Life's Abstinence program called “Why Wait?” was started in 2013. Our dynamic Relationship Educator, Erin Shubik, has presented to thousands of students from many different venues including college campuses, public schools, private schools, youth groups, weekend retreats, and summer camps throughout Blair, Cambria and Bedford Counties. Her goal is to educate and equip young people with information for healthy relationship development.

This interactive program is filled with visuals, fun activities, relevant statistics, and testimonials. Erin has been presenting for 7 years to co-ed students ranging in age from 13-24 years old. The students’ response to this program has been extremely positive and many have stated how much they learned from the presentation, as well as changes they will be making to their lifestyles from that point forward.

If you are interested in having our Relationship Educator come to your school or event to present the “Why Wait?” program please call 814 937 5742. Erin will provide you with references from principals and teachers whose class she has presented in. There is no fee for the service provided.