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For Men

You Think She’s Pregnant…Now what?

Hearing this life-changing news can feel very overwhelming. You may be wondering what happens next? If you suspect that your partner is pregnant we have information and services that can help.

We can provide answers and support regarding the following:

Pregnancy options

Rights and responsibilities of fathers

Establishing paternity

Continuing or furthering your education

Practical Fatherhood

Supporting your partner

Your very first step will be confirming the pregnancy. In our offices, we provide free confidential pregnancy testing along with additional support services. We welcome and encourage you to come to the appointment with your partner. If the pregnancy test is positive, we can provide you with information regarding your options, referrals for a doctor, and help applying for medical assistance. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. During your appointment, with your permission, we will discuss the options of parenting, adoption, and abortion.

Now more than ever your partner will need your emotional and physical support. The best thing you can do is talk to her and listen to her concerns. Rather than avoiding the situation, express your feelings regarding the pregnancy. However, it is extremely important to not pressure her to make a decision. You are in this together and the outcome affects both of your lives regardless of what choice is made. Likewise, it’s important to talk with the people in your lives that provide emotional and physical support to you.

Family can provide valuable insight and could be a great comfort during this difficult time. If you lack positive family support, reach out to another trusted adult or make an appointment to meet with a Client Advocate today.